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Unfortunately, the Marvel Comic Group no longer conducts studio tours

What could please a kid more than a great comic book? How about seeing how they are made?

Marvel Comics gives tours of their studios to twenty people at a time -- a fascinating experience for children and adults alike. To top it off, the tours are FREE.

There's only one catch: the tours are conducted once per week. Being a hot item, such a tour must be booked very far in advance -- as much as six months to a year. For those that can plan that far ahead it's a great deal. There is a stand-by list, however, and groups do cancel. A group on the stand-by list should be prepared to take the tour on very short notice.

On a tour day individuals can also walk in and participate in a tour, if there is room in a scheduled group tour. The tour can accommodate up to 20 people only, no exceptions.

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