United States Postal Service
James A. Farley Building
421 Eighth Avenue
Room 3006
New York, NY 10199 - 9997
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Each year the Post Office moves billions and billions of particles between all points of the nation, from huge cities to tiny, "one - horse" towns miles from nowhere. While this agency certainly receives its share of complaints, one simply has to admit that this is a prodigious undertaking. The accuracy and speed with which these people do their jobs is something to be admired.

For a first - hand view of the processes involved in moving the mail, a group of up to 30 people may take a Guided Tour of the processing facility in Manhattan. This will be a fascinating education for people of any age.

The tours are FREE, and the only requirements are that participants must be 6 years old or more, and adult supervision should provide at least 1 supervisor for every 5 children.

Hours: Weekdays, 9am - 3pm.

Admission: FREE.

Group Reservations: At least 8 weeks in advance.

Lunch: Local restaurants and fast food.

Handicapped Access: Mostly accessible.

Directions: Located at 8th Ave. & 34th St. 40 minutes south of the George Washington Bridge.

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