Folk Craft Museum
441 Mt. Sidney Rd.
Witmer, PA 17585
(717) 397- 3609

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Note that the Folk Craft Museum is now known as the Folk Craft Center and is no longer a museum, but a bed & breakfast. It's a beautiful building, but the description of the complex below no longer applies.

There is a reason that the Museum's main building, part of a complex of five, looks to have been built in the 1700's. It wasn't; it's only a few years old. However, the materials used to construct it were salvaged from old structures throughout Lancaster County. Featuring half-timbered and brick construction, The Folk Craft Center and Museum resembles architecture popular in Berks County during the early 18th century.

Inside, rich wooden beams support ceilings over handsome brick-lined floors, and a massive stone fireplace graces one wall. It's a beautiful building that evokes the clean, warm feeling one gets when entering many of the Pennsylvania Dutch buildings.

The five buildings house the varied collections of Mel Horst, including a wagon, sleigh, Stiegel Apothecary glass, and other antiques and artifacts that bring Pennsylvania Dutch heritage to life. Many of the exhibits are accompanied by relevant text and photographs (also by Mr. Horst, a professional photographer) that demonstrate the use of the items at hand, providing a graphic and interesting education.

A Self-Guided Tour of the complex begins with a narrated slide show on the lifestyles and crafts of the Amish, Mennonites and other Pennsylvania Dutch people. It continues to an original 1762 log cabin housing a 100-year old beam loom. Several beautiful gardens are featured, as well as a 1910 Fry-Kalbach Printing Shop, a 1901 Elam Martin Woodworking Shop, and a number of other interesting displays.

Mel Horst, the Museum's owner, is himself something of an attraction. He has attained quite a bit of fame locally as "Jakey Budderschnip," providing the best in Pennsylvania Dutch humor.

Though there are no formal programs, the tour is fun and educational. Specialized tours are available that focus on a particular aspect of the Pennsylvania Dutch heritage or lifestyle. Great for School Groups. Call for details. Anyone interested in the Pennsylvania Dutch country and its peoples will want to visit here. Families and groups alike are welcome.

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