Pretzel Museum
211-13 North 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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Unfortunately this museum has apparently closed its doors. If new information comes to light it will be posted here. If you really have a hankerin' for a pretzel tour, visit Sturgis in Lancaster County. A bit of a haul, but there's lots to see and do out that way.

A Guided Tour begins with a 7-minute film presenting pretzel history, some fun pretzel trivia, and modern baking techniques. Some believe that the pretzel was born when a hobo jumped off a train in Lititz and was given a free meal by a baker named Ambrose Roth. In exchange, the Hobo gave Roth the recipe for the pretzel, which Roth passed on to his apprentice, William Sturgis.

The short tour includes an on-site bakery and instructions on pretzel-twisting. Pretzel included.

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