Academy of Natural Sciences
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103-1195
(215) 299-1000 • 299-1060 School Groups • (610) 268-2153 Stroud Center

A natural history museum with a real hands-on attitude, The Academy of Natural Sciences provides a fun learning environment for people of all ages.

Dinosaurs are big here, with a large collection of fossils, including 15 life-size dinosaur skeletons. Videos, interactive exhibits, and dioramas combine to present an earth-shaking re-creation of life on earth as it existed millions of years ago. How much do you weigh in dinosaurs? Find out here. How big is a dinosaur footprint? Climb into one and see.

The Academy has long been an important factor in exploration -- modern fossil study had its beginnings here. This is where you'll find out how scientists first unlocked the mystery of the "terrible lizards" and how they are related to our present day ornithological friends (birds).

There is much more here than dinosaurs, however. Dioramas from around the world tell the story of our planet's history with a depth and detail that will make you feel like you were there. The newest permanent exhibit, What on Earth!, features exciting video footage of exploding volcanoes, a view of the Academy's priceless mineral collection, a simulated journey to the center of the earth, and other intriguing facts about the science of our planet.

Visitors will appreciate the indoor Nature Center, Outside-In, complete with forests, seasides and ponds with many live inhabitants -- snakes, toads, frogs, bunnies, birds and others. A real beehive keeps things buzzing.

School Programs include, among others, Common Senses (Pre-K - 2): through activities and live animal demonstrations students investigate the the senses in the role of an animal's survival; Dinosaurs Alive! (Pre-K - 2): an activity-filled study of fossils and other links to the past; Marvelous Mammals (3 - 12): how scientists identify and classify mammals, with a comparison of both living mammals and museum specimens; Stream Ecology (3 - 12): a special program conducted at the Academy's Stroud Center in Avondale, with a hands-on investigation of research techniques and theory in microbiology, entomology and chemistry; Bringing up Butterflies (grade 1 and above): explores the similarities and differences among butterflies and moths and unravels the mysteries surrounding butterfly migration. Most programs last 40 minutes and will accommodate up to 40 students.

Many other programs are available including seasonal workshops for teachers and Eco-Show on the Road, a great outreach program that brings the museum, its programs and animals to your school or organization. Many programs are suitable for adults.

Note that educational programs are subject to change and those lsited here are representative of the types of programs available. Visit the Academy's official website, linked above, for details on current offerings.

Hours: Open Weekdays 10 - 4:30, Weekends & Holidays 10 - 5. Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.
Adults (13 and up) $15.00
Seniors (65+) $13.00
Children (3 - 12) $13.00
Military $13.00
Students $13.00
Groups (10 or more with reservation):
Per person: $10.00
Group Reservations: At least 3 weeks in advance.
Lunch: Groups may eat a bagged lunch indoors by reservation.
Handicapped Access: Accessible.
Directions: Just off I-676 (from west take 16th St.. From east, 15th St.).

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