Mushroom Museum
909 East Baltimore Pike
Kennett Square, PA 19348-1896

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It has come to our attention that, unfortunately, the Mushroom Museum has closed its doors. If it reopens in the future, the information on this page will be updated. Meanwhile, the attractions shown mto the left are close to the Mushroom Museum.

If you still have your heart set on mushrooms, here's something you can tip your cap to: THE ANNUAL MUSHROOM FESTIVAL.

The following text was my article about the Museum. It still contains a few interesting facts.

Throughout the world museums have been devoted to such a wide variety of subjects, it would be difficult to list. It is perhaps one of the greatest characteristics of people that they can develop a passion for seemingly everyday objects.

One of these is the mushroom.

Philadelphia produces more mushrooms than any other state, and Kennett Square has the distinction of being the Mushroom Capital of the World. The town provides about 35% of the entire mushroom crop of the United States -- or about 13% of the mushrooms grown commercially in the whole world!

Agaricus bisporus. The common mushroom found in supermarkets. With dozens of ways to cook them, whole books of recipes are dedicated to them. But how many people really know what they are eating when they eat a mushroom?

The Egyptians thought of mushrooms as a magic food that made them immortal. The Greeks and Romans perpetuated the myth, and mushrooms were once consumed by royalty alone.

Today we know better, and anyone who likes mushrooms can eat them. But what are they? How do they grow? What role have mushrooms played in the game of life over the years?

To find out, visit the small museum at Phillips Mushroom Place. Virtually anything there is to know about mushrooms can be learned here through a variety of interesting displays. The one-room tour begins with a ten-minute educational video. A slide show details the process of mushroom "spawning," and charts illustrate the nutritional and caloric facts about the mushroom, which are quite impressive.

Another display outlines the history of this wonder food and includes a striking illustration of Zeus causing mushrooms to grow between a Sphinx and the front door of a pyramid. Several other exhibits, all very well done, round out anyone's education about the mushroom. A great feature is a window wall behind which actual growing mushrooms are shown in their various stages of development.

Some get hungry here, and an appetite for mushrooms can be satisfied at The Market Place, a restaurant in the Phillips Mall featuring mushroom entrees. A unique gift shop offers all sorts of mushroom related items, including a variety of mushrooms.

The tour is fun, educational, and certainly different. Individuals, families and groups are welcome. A trip to this museum works very well in combination with one of the other great attractions in this area.

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