North Wind Undersea Institute
610 City Island Avenue
City Island, Bronx, NY 10464

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Note: This museum is closed until further notice.

North Wind was co-founded in 1976 by Michael Sandlofer and performer, Richie Havens, to educate young people about the plight of the environment.

The North Wind Museum is a hands-on Learning Center featuring The Undersea World of the Bronx exhibit; a 100-year-old Tugboat; Towering Whale Bones and Life-Size Models of Whales; the North Wind Rescuarium, where injured or ill marine animals are rehabilitated; and much much more relating to marine life and preservation. The Institute has a history of rescuing marine animals, and has developed special techniques and gear to accomplish this.

The Institute also maintains the Equine Heritage Conservancy to promote the important interrelationships of humans and animals.

Tours, Programs, activities and Special Events are available for families and individuals who are concerned about the direction our environment is heading and would like to get it back on track.

North Wind offers many excellent Educational Programs for School and other Groups of all ages. A few are, Bronx Wilderness Workshop (grades 3 - 12): a comprehensive outdoor program that teaches man's effect on the environment, outdoor self-sufficiency, life in the swamp, and land management issues; Equine Heritage Conservancy Program (all grades): outdoors, using real horses, introduces the role of the horse in today's urban environment and explores issues concerning wild horses today, multi-use land management, and other interesting and important subjects; Scrimshaw Workshop (grades 3 - 12): indoors, teaches students the fine art of scrimshaw as practiced by early American whalers. Students make their own. Also covers the difference between subsistence and commercial whaling.

Many other unique programs and activities offer a chance to learn about our natural marine environment and the role we play in using it wisely and fairly.

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Directions: I-95 (Bruckner Expwy) to Pelham Pkwy exit. East on Pelham Pkwy. Continue to sign for City Island. Cross bridge to City Island Ave., #610 (at west end of island). 20 minutes from George Washington Bridge.

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