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The American judicial system is unique in the world. Though sometimes controversial, it was created to give all Americans the right of equal justice. Some may argue that the system is not successful, but few will claim that a fairer system exists elsewhere. In any case, understanding the workings of the courtroom, the courthouse, and the system is vital to maintaining and improving the American ideal of equal justice.

The Court Tours Program offers free guided tours of the criminal and civil courts for students, seniors citizens and civic or religious groups. The tours are available in every borough and in counties outside the City. Some tours even offer the opportunity for students to participate in a mock trial.

Interested groups may request a certain type of court or to focus a tour on one of the many activities that take place within the judicial system. In addition, the Court Speakers Bureau can provide judges or court employees to address a group at your location on such topics as:

  • The effect of the drug epidemic on the courts.
  • Juvenile delinquency and child abuse.
  • The role of the courts; a view from the bench.
  • Landlord and tenant law.
  • Current problems in the criminal justice system.

These services, the tours and lectures, are valuable to any group wanting to know more about what's going on and why. Teachers of many grade levels will find a tremendous resource here.

Hours: During business hours, by appointment only.
Group Reservations: At least 6 weeks in advance.
Lunch: Nearby restaurants.
Handicapped Access: Accessible.
Directions: Depends on what court is toured.

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