New York Stock Exchange
20 Broad Street, 3rd Floor 
New York, NY 10005 
(212) 656-3000

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Note that the tour described below has been suspended indefinitely due to security concerns. Any changes in status will be reflected on this page.

So fundamental to our American way of life, securities markets enable businesses to raise capital by offering shares of stock or by issuing bonds. The New York Stock Exchange encourages extensive public involvement in this economic process by serving the interests of the companies which have listed their securities on the Exchange -- more than 3,000 of them listing more than 253 billion shares of stock valued at over $11 trillion. 

All trading is conducted in full view of the public, combining the most advanced communications technology and professionals with the highest integrity and expertise, and all investors can participate during the trading day and know exactly what is taking place. 

Each year more than 700,000 visitors tour the NYSE, making it one of New York's top ten tourist destinations.  The Guided Tour provides a great opportunity for families and individuals to learn more about this world of high finance and view the trading floor.  Visitors can listen to recordings in seven languages and watch a video that explains the NYSE market system.  A variety of interactive displays answer visitors' questions, and market data terminals provide financial information on stocks, bonds, or option.

Groups (10 to 25 people) are welcome, including School Groups. Pre-visit educational materials are sent upon reservation to help prepare students for this exciting outing. 

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