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We have received notice Miniature Kingdom has closed. If new information becomes available we will post it here.

Who says bigger is better?

The Miniature Kingdom is a very large exhibit of cities and rural environments, all reduced to a scale of ½" to the foot! This is an incredible creation by Arthur Thuijs, a master miniature builder of international renown, who has to his credit five other miniature villages in Europe. He has also done commissioned work for international expositions and world fairs, as well as for members of royalty such as Prince Ranier of Monaco and the former Shah of Iran.

Spanning centuries of time, the villages here contain majestic towers and turrets, some over 10 feet tall, overlooking a 10,000 square foot land inhabited by over 2,000 hand-sculpted and hand-painted people, more than 400 animals, 150 antique and modern cars, an international railroad system whose cars are over 6 inches high, more than 40 hand - crafted canal boats, and a fleet of five 6 to 7 foot sailboats and clipper ships from the past.

Visitors will see the cathedrals and towers of the Kremlin within the walls of Red Square, houseboats in the canals of Holland, the beaches of the Riviera, the flea markets of Europe, the cheese markets and bulb fields of Holland, the renaissance gardens of 16th century Germany, and an 18th century recreation of the New York Seaport. There are giant castles surrounded by moats, and entire battle scenes are recreated, using weapons and logistics of the Middle Ages.

There are many other fascinating miniature exhibits, all painstakingly created from plastic, wood, stone, copper, brass, glass, polyester & epoxy. Many original tools, molds, and material formulations were invented specifically to build these beautiful models, the construction of which consumed more than 100,000 man-hours.

Miniature Kingdom almost seems unlimited. And a visit here may be the next best thing to a trip around the world. Of course, a trip around the world would consist only of the 20th century!

This is a great place for a family or group outing, and the educational possibilities for just about any grade level are obvious.




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